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X-Wing HYPERSPACE Tournament 200 Points

Alpha Games next X-Wing event, this time it's Hyperspace format event! Hopefully the hyperdrives still work after all this time but best get the Jawas to have a poke just in case! Hyperspace Format. 200 point limit. 4 rounds of 75 minutes. 12 players max. £10 entry fee. Prize support will be from a 2021 X-Wing OP kit! TICKETS: Will be available from the website on 27th August Doors open 11am First round begins 11:30am

Begins on: 2021-09-25

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Kill Team Matched Play Tournament

Alpha Game's first (of many hopefully!) event for the new Kill Team 21 edition! Rally your troops and fight for the Emperor, the gods of Chaos or just for a tasty snack! Doors open 10am First round 10:30am Rules will be following the Matched play rules supplied in the Kill Team 21 Core Rulebook. 4 games of 75 minutes each. 8 players max. £10 entry Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place (Based on 8 players) Tickets will be available on the website for 27th August.

Begins on: 2021-09-26

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Warhammer 40K Singles - 2K Points

Alpha's next 40k singles event! 3 rounds of 2.5 hours each. 2k points limit. Doors open 10am. 1st round starts 10:30am. £10 entry fee, tickets will be available on the website shortly. 8 players max. Prize support for 1st and 2nd place. Rules pack is available in the Alpha 40k group.

Begins on: 2021-10-09

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Age of Sigmar 3.0 Tournament - 2k Points

Will you conquer the realms or be reduced to ash in Alpha Game's next Age of Sigmar 3.0 event? 3 rounds of 2.5 hours each. 2000 point lists. 8 Players max. Prize support for 1st and 2nd place (Based on 8 players attending) TICKETS: £10 entry Available on the website from 27th Aug Doors open 10am. Round 1 starts 10:30am.

Begins on: 2021-10-10

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Alpha Bowl Winter '21 Blood Bowl Event

Alpha's next Blood Bowl event, Winter Bowl '21! Oil the chainsaws, re-spring the pogo sticks and summon the Ent! There will be 3 fun-filled matches over the course of the day! (Dice permitting!) 16 players max for this event. This event will use the rules from the latest edition Blood Bowl Season 2 (BB2020) The rules pack for this event will be available shortly in the Blood Bowl Group. TICKETS: Entry £10 and tickets will be available on the website from Monday 13th September!

Begins on: 2021-11-20